See where
a life of winemaking
can lead

The Vines is an explorer’s club and the first worldwide community dedicated to winemaking. Our members travel to the world’s most storied winemaking regions, learning the craft from master practitioners and creating their own unique vintages.

The idea was to get to know the world by making wine —to have outposts at select vineyards where we could make our own unique wines by building relationships with the most inventive, celebrated growers and winemakers.

As a member of The Vines, you’re free to choose new destinations every year, or return to a favorite region. In the next 5 years, we plan to offer winemaking in 12 regions worldwide, plus a series of pop-ups, including making Sauternes in France, Sake in Japan and even Mezcal in Mexico.


We partner with inventive, award-winning winemakers around the world to learn their unique methods and philosophies. Each of our terroir-focused producer partners represents a distinct approach to craft, drawing from local varietals and traditions to create wines that truly capture the unique spirit of their region.

You create your own wine, guided by the expertise of our master winemakers across the world’s most storied wine regions. 

You experience the authenticity of a place from an insider’s perspective. You are truly connected to the land, and to the locals – not imposing on a place or culture, but revealing it.

Sustainability is not simply a means of production, it’s a principle that runs through everything we do. Through our relationships we support and pursue practices that protect the exceptional places that inspire us.

We are people who wanted to find an authentic way to navigate the world through the things we loved. We live this life. We are here for it.

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